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The town of Gorokhovets is a is a historical gem of Russia, the town is located 157 km east of the city of Vladimir (Russian Federation) on the M7 "Volga" highway. This small town with a population of just over 14 thousand people amazes with its beauty. It seems that time has stopped here. On St. Nicholas Hill stands the Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Nicholas, and in the village below can be seen domes of churches and spiers of bell-towers. Wooden houses are replaced by small stone, among them there are even chambers of the XVII century. The Klyazma River carries its waters leisurely.

One of the oldest towns of the land of Vladimir - Gorokhovets is famous for its rich heritage, unique monuments of architecture, art and it is rightly considered as the historical gem of Russia.

Over the centuries, it played a significant role in strengthening Russian statehood in the development of industry, trade, crafts and were a witness of many important events.

The evidence of the annals is the first written mention of the city. At the end of the XIV century under Vasily I - Gorokhovets became a member of the Moscow principality and became an important military-strategic point on the eastern border. Soon it became the center of the district.

Many historical buildings of church and civil architecture have survived in Gorokhovets. The town preserved the traditional layout and old buildings.

One of the oldest towns in the Vladimir region, since 1970 it is on the list of historical settlements of Russia, in the town and surrounding areas many monuments of church and civil architecture of different epochs have been preserved.

Gorokhovets Gorokhovets

Location: Vladimir Oblast, Russia

The year of entering to the World List of Tourist Attractions:   2018

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