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The history of the traveling palace in Tver is of great interest for archaeologists, since there is a building in the center of the city, in the place of its medieval Kremlin. Now it’s Sovetskaya Street, where it goes to Starovolzhsky Bridge. Nearby is the city garden. But at the end of the thirteenth century the house of the bishop was located on this place. His medieval layout was not preserved. After years of Troubles, it was destroyed, and in the year 1650 was built according to new architectural canons. In the eighteenth century, Tver was located along the route from the old capital (Moscow) to the new (St. Petersburg). This route was very popular with members of the royal family, as well as with the highest ranks of the state, who traveled several times a year on their duty. Therefore, in the sixties of the eighteenth century, it was decided to build in Tver a small palace for the rest of Empress Catherine II. And the place of the building of this house was chosen bishop’s courtyard.

Tver imperial palace Tver imperial palace

Location: Tver Oblast, Russian Federation

The year of entering to the World List of Tourist Attractions:   2018

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