The famous protected cruiser Aurora is an object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation and was launched in May 1900 and floated out three years later. They named it in honor of the frigate of the same name, famous in the defense of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky during the Crimean War in 1854.

A protected cruiser of the 1st rank Aurora was created at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries and it was a serious achievement of the Russian military industry.

In the early 20th, the Aurora was the first battle-worthy training ship in the Baltic Fleet of the Soviet Union. Prior to 1930, the Cruiser made several voyages, along with the Baltic and White Sea, as well as overseas campaigns, with a call to the Scandinavian ports. In 1927, the cruiser was awarded the Order of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics "Red Flag".

Cruiser Aurora became the most legendary ship of the Russian fleet in its more than three centuries of history - became a symbol ship, a monument ship and a museum ship in eternal parking.

The ship is an active cruiser and still a part of the Baltic Fleet of Russia. The crew of the cruiser is about 30 men (officers, midshipmen, boatswains mates, and sailors).

This is an outstanding attraction of St. Petersburg, which is seen by any guest of the city.

On the eve of the celebration of the Day of the Russian Navy, which is always celebrated on the last Sunday of July, the Secretary-General of the International Committee on Tourism Attractiveness and Sustainable Tourism Development, Vladimir Piskurev, handed over to the command of the Cruiser Aurora on July 28, 2018 an international certificate confirming the ship's entry into World list of Particular Tourist Attractions.

During the International Certificate delivery ceremony, Vladimir Piskurev said: "The profession of a military seaman in the world has always been honorable, personified courage, valor, and dedication. For more than three centuries, the Russian fleet has confirmed the status of Russia as a powerful naval power capable of steadfastly defending its national interests and defending its native land. I congratulate everyone who stands guard over Russia's maritime borders."

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited the cruiser Aurora on July 29, 2018. On this Day of the Russian Navy Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin received the Main Naval Parade of Russia, which took place in the water area of the Neva River in the city of St. Petersburg.