During July Session of the International Committee on Tourism Attractiveness and Sustainable Tourism Development, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, were decided to include several attractions from Turkish Antalya into the World List of Particular Tourist Attractions.

Certificates confirming the inclusion in the World List of Particular Tourist Attractions were presented to the representative of the Mayor’s Office of Antalya on August 13, 2018.

Antalya is an amazing city-resort of Turkey, famous for its beaches, clean sea, perfect rest, high comfort and a lot of unique impressions. International experts believe that the city is rich in historical monuments of architecture and it has a large number of attractions.

Experts of the International Committee on Tourism Attractiveness and Sustainable Tourism Development reviewed in detail two attractions from Antalya during the Session: the Duden Waterfalls and the Antalya Museum. These objects have been unanimously included in the World List of Particular Tourist Attractions.

One of the natural attractions of Antalya surroundings is the incredible beauty of the Duden Waterfalls.

Near the waterfall is a beautiful recreation area, which is the National Park. For the convenience of tourists here are provided cafes, shops, observation decks. The best time to see Lower Duden is in the afternoon, when the wind blows from the Old City. At this time, the rays of the sun, as it were, play with streams of water and create the illusion of a precious stones placer. Above the waterfall hangs a semicircle of the rainbow.

To admire the waterfall from the sea here come numerous ships with tourists. Local residents say that this is an ideal place for family vacations and picnics, so they try to come here from time to time.

International experts discussed with great attention and interest the Antalya Museum, which is located on a mountain in the western part of the city in the Konyaalti district. International experts believe that the museum is one of the most important sights of Antalya. The history of the museum begins in 1919, when Antalya was occupied by Italian troops.

The museum has more than 2000 exhibits. Archaeological work continues, thanks to which the museum receives new exhibits. Currently, this museum is the largest in Turkey and belongs to the most famous museums in the world. The museum has 13 halls, which occupy an area of ​​7,000 square meters.

International experts came to the conclusion that Antalya is a great place to spend the next vacation, and tourists from all over the world will not have a feeling of disappointment.

Turkish hospitality deserves special attention, as it is an integral part of Eastern culture. Turkish cultural traditions are extremely diverse, since they originate from the most diverse nationalities that inhabited Anatolia, the Middle East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and, of course, the entire Mediterranean.

"Turkish culture is so rich and multifaceted that it does not fit into any simple definition," – all members of the International Committee expressed a common opinion.