Members of the International Committee on Tourism Attractiveness and Sustainable Tourism Development took part in the International Tourism Forum "Ancient Taraz-2018" and the exhibition of artisans "Kane Taraz Sheberleri", which took place in the city of Taraz (Zhambyl region, the Republic of Kazakhstan) from December 13 to 15.

Delegates, investors and artisans from ten regions of Kazakhstan, as well as Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and France arrived in Taraz.

The forum participants discussed issues of attracting investment in the tourism industry, issues of tourism security and digitalization of the industry. At the exhibition were presented works of masters of Kazakhstan, neighboring countries and non-CIS countries. Practical and theoretical master classes, scientific and practical conference were held. During the forum was organized the international exhibition of applied art "Masters of ancient Taraz", also workshops on silkworms - once popular form of handicraft, as well as glass-blowing skill.

At the beginning of the forum, a solemn ceremony was held to present official certificates confirming the inclusion of two tourist destinations in the Zhambyl region in the World List of Particular Tourist Attractions. This is the palace complex "Akyrtas" and the mausoleum of Aisha-bibi.

In order to popularize these objects, it is allowed to use the “WORLD LIST - TOURIST ATTRACTION” (logo).

“The fact that the World List of Particular Tourist Attractions has been replenished with two objects from Kazakhstan located in Zhambyl region is a serious advance to the international level. Experts from eighty countries of the world have voted for sites of the Zhambyl region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.” - said Vladimir Piskurev (the Chairman of the International Committee on Tourism Attractiveness and Sustainable Development) in an interview with the INA Kazinform.

Galina Skripnik (INA Kazinform): - How do you rate the level of the forum "Ancient Taraz-2018"?

Vladimir Piskurev (the Chairman of the International Committee on Tourism Attractiveness and Sustainable Development): - Such international forums in your region are needed. Today we see how many international experts came to the forum "Ancient Taraz-2018". The most interesting conference, the most interesting offers. And now you need to go to more global projects - cultural, sports, international competitions. Of course, you need to promote the brand of Zhambyl region. We have asked during the international conference - what is this region famous for in the world? It turns out that it is still nothing. The brand does not exist yet. This is not because there is not. It has to be found by the whole community. Moreover, to create around this brand a situation that will lure tourists here.

When I hear "Taraz", I have to associate it with something, with some interesting things. What do we associate Paris with? With the Eiffel Tower. What do we associate Italy with? With amazing wine and the sea. What do we associate with Dubai? With skyscrapers. The same must be done in the Zhambyl region. Your amazing Aisha-bibi mausoleum is a world heritage, and around this you can already build a structure that will attract tourists.

Taraz is the most ancient city of Kazakhstan, on its territory there are 3,365 historical monuments.

At the same time, Taraz is a fast-growing, modern city, organically incorporating innovation and ancient heritage, being an example of a magnificent city of the future, combining the comfort of modernity and ancient secrets.

The main goal of the Forum is to present the attractiveness of the tourist potential of the region from the point of view of investments, to confirm the favorable investment image, to expand the existing and attract new domestic and foreign investments in the regional economy.

The main goal of the Exhibition is to demonstrate the revival and development of arts and crafts, to show potential investors a variety of opportunities and achievements of the industry. Strengthen ties between local artisans and their foreign counterparts, promote the emergence of new industrial and artistic alliances.